IzpSoft is a software company, founded in 2011 with the mission to apply modern computer science and software engineering to solving socially impactful issues.


At IzpSoft we believe that top notch quality is critical to the success of any major software project. In addition to reliability and scalability, research shows that responsiveness, interaction design, and polish have considerable impact on users’ perception of reliability and overall quality.

Given the complexity of modern software systems, such a holistic quality bar cannot be maintained through an isolated quality assurance process. That is why we have designed every step of our development process around quality.

Test-driven development

To ensure quality of every component down to every function in the code, we follow modern test-driven development practices. Software engineers are responsible for documentation and unit testing of everything they produce. To make sure subsystems interact reliably we rely on extensive integration testing.

In addition to delivering high quality products, this process allows us to reduce future development and maintenance costs. Minimizing total cost over the lifetime of a system even at the expense of upfront investments in quality is a conscious tradeoff we prefer to make.

Holistic black box testing

We combine the benefits of test-driven development and independent waterfall testing by performing holistic black box testing with dedicated quality assurance engineers. Test plans are still developed in cooperation with software engineers but quality assurance engineers maintain big picture user-centric quality metrics. This way we ensure the level of polish demanded by users from modern applications and services.

Project ownership

Probably the most important piece of our quality strategy is that quality and ownership are integral parts of the company culture. Every component is owned by a software engineer throughout the lifetime of the project. This includes development, maintenance, and quality. This process puts the right incentives in place to maximize quality and minimize maintenance cost.