Philanthropy & NGO

IzpSoft specializes at delivering innovative and flexible technical solutions to the world of philanthropy and NGO. We strive to harness the power of the latest technologies, in order to generate real impact on social and environmental issues across the globe.

Most recently, IzpSoft is the principal developer on JGive – a social network for donations to Jewish charities. Our generalist team, works closely with the teams of international NGOs to design and implement practical and secure applications that serve and enhance their missions and make a lasting positive impact on their communities.

Businesses with a mission

Commercial success is increasingly connected to the greater social mission of the enterprise. At IzpSoft we love helping socially responsible businesses optimise their operations, or better engage with the people they serve through innovative software solutions.

We have designed and delivered web-based systems and apps to help traditional craftsmen reach international audiences, optimise sustainable clothing retailers’ operations, and connected people and communities through ride-sharing services.


Education is at our team’s heart. Using innovative software solutions to help more students achieve better educational outcomes has been our core mission since the company was founded.

Our very own standardized test preparation platform became a market leader in Bulgaria and helps then of thousands of students achieve better results. We have worked with schools and communities to deliver flexible learning management solutions to smaller institutions with extremely varied business models and curriculums.